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      What is a brand and why should you want to be one?

      What is a brand and why should you want to be one?

      Jared's Nug #3

      What is a brand and why should you want to be one?

      Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services.


      Patagonia® is one of STASHLOGIX's biggest brand inspirations because they're so good at it. Their website homepage shows a surfer, but Patagonia doesn't even sell surfboards. The surfer in the photo might be wearing a rashguard by Patagonia® but no one would be able to tell from the photo. So why do they do that with their precious homepage space? Because Patagonia's marketing team are branding experts.

      In Manhattan, New York, you'll find more Patagonia® jackets than you can shake a stick at, and there's not even a mountain or a surfable wave in sight. Patagonia® knows that there are a lot more urbanites than there are explorers summiting Mt. Everest. Patagonia is able to finesse the line between fashion and function better than anyone. Patagonia's® gear is known to be the best and most rugged outdoor gear, but what does that have to do with Manhattan? It's about creating the aspirational lifestyle image that people want to be associated with.

      A good brand creates trust in the Marketplace. A professional appearance and well-strategized branding will help the company build trust with consumers. People are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished and professional portrayal. Being properly branded gives the impression of being an industry expert and makes the public feel as though they can trust your company.

      On the most basic level, branding helps a company increase its profit margin by differentiating itself from selling commodities.

      At STASHLOGIX, we like to compare our brand vs our competitor's brand using the analogy of Patagonia® vs. Columbia®. They're both outdoor clothing companies but that's where the similarities end.

      As an example, who's polar fleece would you prefer to own, a Columbia® fleece or Patagonia®? Most would go with Patagonia® hands-down. But why? Both brands make quality fleeces so there's practically no difference, and Patagonia's® is at least twice the price. So what drives people to Patagonia®? It's the branding. Part of their branding is

      · Patagonia® donates 1% of its profit to environmental causes.

      · Mission statement: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

      · They expose bad practices in the textile industry and spend the extra money to do it right, for the environment and for its employees.

      Patagonia's® brand is about what they stand for as much as it is about what products they sell. In an ultra-competitive landscape, branding allows Patagonia® to sell at much higher prices. They may not be as big as Columbia® in terms of units sold but with better profit margins they don't have to sell as much. In the long run, Patagonia® will probably outlast Columbia®, North Face®, and all of their competitors, because they're strategic down to their socks! The marketing is well thought out and engaging.

      Does your business stand for something? Do your customers know it? Do you talk about causes that you're passionate about, or do you talk about your business only? Being something bigger than yourself is smart branding and people recognize it, and subtly goes surprisingly far.
      Simon Sinek calls it your 'just cause'. Our 'just cause' is to normalize cannabis and to break the stigma. We do this by designing products that help cannabis consumers safely store, organize, and travel with cannabis. You don't need to be hit over the head with it but pick some nice slogans and brand messages and be consistent. For instance, our brand messages are...

      · Thoughtful. Secure. Discreet.®

      · For Citizens of Everywhere®

      . Confidence to be You™

      · Stash logically.

      · Protect your freedom, VOTE.

      Our non-profit of choice is The Realm of Caring, a 501c3 nonprofit that provides support for families using cannabinoid therapy, through patient support, research, education, and advocacy. Learn more at www.theroc.us.

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      Cannabis In America 2021

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      America has a new President and with it, the real chance to make major changes in cannabis regulations.  The significance of the same party controlling the Executive Branch, the Senate, and the House of Representatives cannot be understated. 

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      Picture this: One of your customers purchases a co-branded STASHLOGIX Silverton. You made a solid profit on the sale and your customer just became a walking advertisement for you. Now it's a week later and they are getting off of work. It's time to get a little lifted, so they reach for their trusty Silverton and behold... one tiny nug.😣 Time to hit up the dispo; where should they go? Well, how about the place that has their kickass logo right on top of the stash bag, THEY ARE LITERALLY HOLDING! You cannot find a better timed touch point with a customer than this situation. Ask your marketing department. *mic drop*

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      Top Lessons Learned from Dispensaries in Retailing Accessories

      Top Lessons Learned from Dispensaries in Retailing Accessories

      We love making you look good.

      When your dispensary is looking fresh then you can feel confident in everything else, like your products. After spending some time (okay, a lot of time) in dispensaries, these are a few conclusions about merchandising that we've come to find.  

      1. The usual retailing in a dispensary mainly consists of a counter top, a cash register, and some items in display jars and bags. Throw in a few pipes and lighters, then you'll be good to go. If you want to broaden your horizon, read on. 

      2.  The main focus of a dispensary are the medicated products. Accessories tend to be put on the back burner but they deserve to be noticed. They're a good way to add on a little extra to every sale. 

      3. Stores that have a quality merchandising and a cool “vibe” will thrive in the long run. Try adding unique accessories that coincide with your brand to elevate a customer's shopping experience. 

      4. Consolidation will likely happen as the industry matures. Stores that offer a memorable experience will have a better chance of surviving. Find what makes your store stand apart and expand on that. 

      5. We think accessories look great in a waiting room but we understand the concerns about theft. Traditional retail stores, like Patagonia or Urban Outfitters, display products right next to the door and they fewer security guards and cameras. Take a chance and see what happens! 

      6. Keep fragile products away from clumsy hands. But those durable ones? Get them into the customers hands and they'll be more likely to buy them. 

      7. Music makes people more comfortable when shopping. Don't crank your music up too loud though, customers would still like to understand what strains they're purchasing. 

      8. Budtenders are all vendors best friend. Keep them up to date about the products that are coming into their stores so they can better inform customers. Ask them what products they like and enjoy. They're the real face of the company and if they like the product then they're more likely to sell them. 

      9. Display racks can make a product stand out. Go on a field trip to a traditional store to get fresh ideas about how to make accessories stand out. Try something new and see how customers react. 


      Take these little tips and tricks and put them to the test! Let us know what works best for you and find improvements. 

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